Job Description:

Newborn care specialists are called upon to help new parents care for their newborns. Newborn care specialists typically come into the home for several weeks after a child is born and help the parents develop healthy eating, sleeping and care routines. Many newborn care specialists function as parent educators, teaching parenting proper and accepted baby care techniques. Newborn care specialists typically work 8 to 24 hour shifts and are responsible for all the tasks related to the baby’s care, including bottle preparation (if needed), baby laundry and nursery organization.

You should feel very comfortable with the newborn care specialist you choose and they should provide verification of their training and credentials. A newborn care specialist will typically have extensive training and experience in newborn care, as well as CPR/first aid certification.

All job information and job descriptions are offered as guidelines to help you understand the general responsibilities for each type of Care Provider offered on Please note that every family’s job is unique and each position may have different responsibilities. The specific duties and responsibilities of each position should be discussed during the interview process, confirmed upon the extension of a job offer and reaffirmed in a written work agreement.

Newborn Care Specialist

Schedules and Typical Salary:

The rates of newborn care specialists vary greatly depending on schedule, hours, geographical area, training and experience.

We will work with you to develop a competitive compensation package and schedule based upon your family’s needs. While offering benefits to an employee is not required by law, doing so can make your position more attractive to candidates. Many candidates do not expect or desire benefits while others do.