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Nannyology Matchmaking

Nannyology takes the necessary time to understand the unique needs of each family and service provider ensuring great outcomes with matchmaking. We know that success is ultimately about human behavior, it is the blend of personalities and timing, finding the right candidate for the right family at the right time. Knowing the candidate’s story beyond the salary requirements and the job criteria plays a huge part in deciding if that person is a fit for the family and their lifestyle. Nannyology aims to ensure that the matchmaking process enhances the lives of families and nannies alike.

Interested in being considered for placement opportunities?

As parents, we understand how important your children are to you and that is why each Service Provider we consider for placement goes through an intensive screening process. Service Providers will have gone through the screening process below, completed a background check and LIVE SCAN by TrustLine prior to placement.

How It Works

Families spend an average of 40+ hours searching, screening and checking references for their Service Provider. Save yourself the time and eliminate the guesswork by trusting a professional agency to do the work for you in a fraction of the time! Choose Nannyology to select the best Service Provider for your family’s needs, schedule and budget. We always search our Service Provider roster to find your match, if someone isn’t available we will recruit specifically for your family’s needs.

Step 1

Complete our online Service Provider Intake Form. The information collected will assist in determining if you might be a fit for one of our families. Our team will contact you by email to schedule a telephone interview.

Step 2

If we decide to move forward with the interview process, additional steps will include: submitting required documentation, a personality assessment, and service provider profile.

Step 3

Once our team reviews all submitted documentation, your personality assessment, and service provider profile we will contact you by email to schedule an in-person interview.

Step 4

If things go well, we will provide your resume to families that you are interested in working with. We will assist with scheduling interviews, trials, and ultimately a contract when a family moves forward.

Meet Our Team

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Our Process

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What Our Clients Say

We have assisted hundreds of families and can’t wait to assist yours!


How long does it take to find my Service Provider?

It usually can take between 2 to 6 weeks to find a Service Provider after we receive your family intake form and deposit.

How many Service Providers do we get to interview?

We start off by sending two to three candidates for an interview based on what we think will be the right fit. If these do not work, we will send more as needed.

We've chosen our Service Provider! What do we do now?

Contact Nannyology and let us know who you have chosen. We will call with the job offer. After acceptance, we will assist with the contract negotiations.

What is a contract and why do we need one?

The contract will go over everything to make sure the Service Provider and Parent are on the same page. The contract will go over pay, hours, benefits, job duties, and expectations.

What happens if the placement doesn't work out?

Nannyology has a guarantee: If the placement doesn’t work out in the first 90 days, we will offer you a one-time replacement of a Service Provider at no additional cost.