Gift Card to a Favorite Restaurant, Store, Salon, or Movie Theatre

Your nanny can pamper herself, shop, enjoy a great meal, or catch the latest movie on the big screen.

Tickets to a Concert, Show, or Sporting Event

Look at concerts or shows coming to your area. Is she a big fan of a local sports team? Consider getting tickets so she can enjoy her favorite performer or root on her team.

Cash Bonus or Raise

A little extra cash is always a great (and welcomed) idea! Or, perhaps now is the time to have a performance review and consider a raise for a job well done.

Extra Day Off

Add a day of paid time off (PTO) and give your nanny a little extra time off for herself. Or perhaps you surprise her by coming home early and giving her an afternoon off.

Dinner Out or Family Meal

If you’re close with your nanny, you may want to consider taking them out to dinner at their favorite restaurant or making them a meal at your home.

Meet a need

Has your nanny expressed interest in going to the gym or taking a class at the local college? Consider giving her some money to put towards something she’s wanted to do.

Give a card or make a video

Take a moment to write a personal thank you note to your nanny. Point out some of the ways she’s made your life easier and thank her for taking good care of your most prized possessions, your children.

Or get the family together and create a video that expresses your appreciation for your nanny. Do a skit, sing a song, or share a thank you. Email it to her and post in on your social networking page as a token of thanks.

Subscription to Nanny Magazine

Nanny Magazine is the premiere trade publication for nannies filled with industry news and insights, trusted tips, and expert content just for nannies. Become a subscriber to read the only magazine that can help you achieve next-level nannying status, fight nanny isolation, and find childcare advice perfectly tailored for #NannyLife.

Donation to Your Nanny’s Favorite Cause

Is there a cause or charitable organization your nanny cares deeply about? Donate to that group in their name.

Professional Training

Nannies can learn more about basic child safety, children’s health and nutrition, emergency readiness, and more through online courses at The 13-lesson, CACHE-endorsed learning program is led by award-winning and industry expert Michelle LaRowe.