Meet Our Team

Stella Reid

Founder and President

Stella Reid, Founder and President of Nannyology, has been working in the childcare industry for over 34 years, helping families around the world achieve a more peaceful life at home. Many recognize her from her appearances on the popular TV show, Nanny 911, or from her written works. As a real-life British nanny and dedicated parent coach, Nanny Stella is committed to developing nannies and helping families make perfect matches.

Since becoming a parent herself, Nanny Stella is even more determined to make a difference in the lives of families. Her solutions-based approach, whether working with celebrity clients or regular families, is accredited and proven. She takes a non-judgmental, no-nonsense style to help families develop plans and achieve their goals, ultimately creating a happy and peaceful life at home.

As a nanny coach, Nanny Stella is passionate about sharing her extensive business knowledge with childcare professionals of all levels. She provides structured coursework and personal coaching to help clients improve their childcare techniques and business practices and advance in their careers.

Nanny Stella resides in South Carolina with her husband, Mike, and their eleven-year-old son, Mason. When she is not working, she enjoys volunteering with local charitable organizations, spending time with her family, and sipping a cup of tea.

Randy Reynolds

Placement Specialist

Randy, a California native with over twenty years of experience in the childcare industry, is deeply committed to assisting both people and animals. Being a caring uncle to numerous nieces and nephews, he relishes the opportunity to engage with them through enjoyable and educational activities. Besides his cherished family moments, Randy divides his time between Los Angeles, Lake Arrowhead, and Palm Springs, where he resides with his partner Chris and their beloved Jack Russell terrier named Rusty.

Virginia Rossman

Placement Concierge

Virginia, a California native, now calls Idaho her home. With over two decades of experience in management and Human Resources, she brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Alongside her professional accomplishments, Virginia takes immense pride in raising two remarkable children. Witnessing the growth of her grandchildren brings her immeasurable joy, and being surrounded by her loved ones fills her heart with happiness. Additionally, Virginia’s journey as a foster parent spanned two decades, presenting both rewarding and challenging moments. She cherishes the opportunity to assist children in reaching their full potential, as it remains a passion close to her heart.