Job Description:

The main role of a manny is to provide a safe, caring, nurturing and stimulating environment in which the children thrive and develop. General responsibilities include undertaking most all tasks related to the children’s care. Each manny position may have slightly different responsibilities, depending on the family requirements, the ages of the children and other factors, but typically mannies are responsible for keeping the children’s areas neat and tidy and doing the children’s laundry, in addition to providing attentive, high quality childcare. Mannies may transport children to and from activities, grocery shop for the children and plan the children’s daily schedule.

Job Description (Live-in):

In addition to the above manny duties, a live-in manny may be required to attend to the children if they wake at night. A manny who is hired to care for a newborn baby may be responsible for bottle feeding and settling the baby through the night.

All job information and job descriptions are offered as guidelines to help you understand the general responsibilities for each type of Care Provider offered on Please note that every family’s job is unique and each position may have different responsibilities. The specific duties and responsibilities of each position should be discussed during the interview process, confirmed upon the extension of a job offer and reaffirmed in a written work agreement.

Full or Part-Time Manny

Schedules and Typical Salary:

Full-time mannies work 40 to 60 hours per week. Scheduling requirements will depend on the family.

Part-time mannies work 20-25 hours per week. Schedules vary depending on the family’s needs but often include working either mornings or afternoons, assisting the family a couple of full days per week, working weekends, or providing after-school care. Your manny is likely fitting her work schedule around other jobs. A pre-determined set schedule is recommended as flexibility with part-time mannies is limited.

We will work with you to develop a competitive compensation package based upon your family’s needs. Rates vary greatly depending on the manny’s experience, expected duties, and schedule. Current rates for professional mannies are between $25-$40 per hour. Additionally, while offering benefits to an employee is not required by law, doing so can make your position more attractive to candidates. Typical manny benefits include paid vacation, paid sick days, paid holidays and partial or full contribution to the manny’s health insurance premium.