Being a nanny is not a ‘normal’ vocation; it is a ‘heartfelt’ profession. Why? Because I believe that nannies have hearts bigger than those considered ‘normal.’ With these hearts, they influence the future of the world, one child at a time. There is no measure of where their influence stops. This week is for you! 💜

Best wishes,

Stella Reid

Founder and President

Greetings, Nannies!

Throughout the past twelve years, it has been both an honor and a privilege for me to engage with numerous individuals like you throughout the recruitment journey. Embarking on the role of a Nanny requires a unique and special individual, and I want to extend my gratitude for the exceptional care you offer to our families. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist you further in the times ahead.

Your dedication is truly valued! Wishing you a wonderful National Nanny Recognition Week!

All the best,
Randy Reynolds – Nannyology Placement Specialist

Hello Nannies,

I wanted to start by wishing you all a joyful National Nanny Recognition Week! I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know each of you throughout our interview journey, and I must say, hearing your stories and witnessing your dedication when we talk about the children you’ve cared for fills me with optimism for what lies ahead.

Here’s to an outstanding week ahead! You’ve certainly earned it 👏

Warm regards,
Virginia Rossman
Nannyology Placement Services